When you’re away, whether for work or play, and Kitty needs a place to stay we’re here for you and your cat! With a number of different options, we have a boarding solution for every budget.

Boarding Rates and Options

Rates include your cat’s lodging, fresh bedding, twice daily feeding, fresh water available at all times, and a sprinkle of catnip. All of our boarding areas include a window to help keep your cat entertained during their stay! We provide these services for your cat’s optimal comfort during your their stay with us. To help your kitty feel even more at home you can bring toys or their favorite bed!

Extra Large Single Cage – $18.00*

Cage is one open area approximately 2.5 ft x 2 ft and will only accommodate 1 cat.

Condo – $21.00*

2nd cat in condo – $6.00*

The condo is 2-3 smaller cages that have passage hole allowing for a multiple “room” type set-up. This cage option will allow for 2 cats.

Suite – $30.00*
Suites are a custom painted cage free 5×7 room with a window looking out at fully stocked bird feeders for in house entertainment.

Additional cat(s) in suite (max of 3) – $13.00* (each cat)

Web-cam access to check in on your cat during their stay (Suite only) – $15.00 (one-time fee)

* These rates reflect our established client pricing. For non-client boarding fees please contact the clinic at 319-232-2228.