You may have noticed on our Facebook page, or just if you’ve visited the office lately that we’ve improved the boarding experience for your cats in our new boarding suites! One of our employees has been using her artistic talent to paint custom murals on the walls in the suites to provide even more visual stimulation!

Our Aquarium suite holds a variety of colorful fish. Watch out for that pesky shark though!

Our Jungle suite is overgrowing with plant life. Large trees, leafy, and flowering plants and ancient ruins cover the walls, complete with parrots and a toucan. And what jungle isn’t complete without lots of colorful butterflies.

Our Lodge suite features a mountain scene, peaceful lake, and evergreen trees. A cozy chiminea is a popular spot for the occasional nap.

Our Garden suite is blooming with various flowers, flowering trees and of course lots of fun, colorful butterflies!

Our Beach suite takes you straight to Paradise. With palm trees, serene blue waters, and sea gulls you can almost hear the sound of the waves on the sand.


Help us find one of our dear patients, Edith. She escaped by pushing out the screen on a door the evening of Wednesday Aug. 24 on Cornwall Ave near Kimball and Mitchell Ave. She is declawed on all four feet and does not wear a collar. If you have seen her or have any information please call the clinic at 319-232-2228.

* UPDATE 8/7/17: Edith is still out there, she is frequently seen in the Cornwall/Kimball/Mitchell area.