We here at PCCC believe that when it comes to adding a new member to the family, getting a healthy kitten is important! It is for this reason that we thoroughly examine and test our kittens to ensure they are in the best possible health before we make them available for adoption. See the details about our adoptions below.

We have numerous adorable, playful, healthy kittens for adoption!

All kittens presented for adoption are given a thorough medical and behavioral assessment to ensure they are in overall good health and are not wild or aggressive. They are tested for the Feline Leukemia Virus prior to admission for adoption to ensure they are not sick and subsequently contagious. Once they are deemed healthy we give the initial vaccination (if it has not already been given), apply a flea medication that also treats ear mites, intestinal parasites and heartworms to all kittens regardless of the examination findings. In other words, all kittens are treated for fleas, ear mites and intestinal parasites even if we don’t find any to ensure nothing is missed. New kittens are kept in the back for 7 days and are not available for adoption during this time. This is to ensure they didn’t have any underlying medical issues, such as an upper respiratory infection or virus, that may have been too early to tell upon the initial entry examination. Our goal in adopting out kittens is to provide truly healthy kittens to good, loving homes where they will be cared for properly and to help stop pet overpopulation. Kittens receive additional boosters as needed up until they are adopted.

Anyone wanting to adopt must submit adoption questionnaire, adoption agreement, and agree to a 2-day waiting period for approval/denial of paperwork. You must come into the office to complete these forms. Approval is NOT guaranteed. As a requirement of adoption all kittens adopted must be spayed or neutered, kept current on their yearly vaccinations, and kept inside 24/7! If you choose to take the kittens to another veterinary clinic, proof of spay/neuter and/or yearly vaccinations may be requested.

The downloadable version of the adoption questionnaire can be found in Online Forms.