I took my cat Stormcloud (Storm) in to PurrSonal since I noticed that he had what appeared to be a cyst in his left ear. I had recently moved to the Waterloo area. They took care of that and cleaned his ears.

While there, they took a background history. I mentioned that since I adopted him from a shelter in 2005, he had been sneezing many times a day and making a mess with his ‘snot’. I had taken him to several vets and multiple tests (labs, x-rays, etc.) were performed (including by the state university veterinary college ) costing over a thousand dollars. but no one could determine what the problem was.

Dr. Broshar performed a thorough physical exam. It turns out that his ‘snot’ was actually pus from several abscessed teeth which had to be extracted, which had also infected his sinuses. He will be on an antibiotic regimen for several weeks, but after a week, he only sneezes once or twice a day.

If you have a cat in the Waterloo area, I strongly recommend this clinic. They not only identified and cured Storm’s problem (which no other vet in the last 7 years did), but they also have a great follow-up program (mail, e-mail) to make sure that they did a good job.

— Laurence D.

I have an old lady grumpy cat that means the world to me. She is currently fighting an urinary infection. Thanks to the long acting shots, I don’t have to stuff pills down her throat.

I have always been more than pleased with the first rate care my cat receives. Dr. Kramer (Broshar) is the best.

— Ann P.

Dr. Julie helped an aging member of the family who was losing weight and starting to “mark” spots in the house. She tried some medication and treated him (expressed his anal glands) and he is more lively and uses his facilities and not the spots anymore. 🙂

I have been going to see Dr. Julie for over 13 yrs. She takes care of all my cats. I was very impressed when she sent me a sympathy card for the passing of one. She is very knowledgeable and her food prices are as competitive if not cheaper than the big pet chain stores.

— Curt M.

Dr. Broshar and Staff:

I wanted to write and thank all of you personally for all of your help to me and my husband in our dealings with the cat family in our woods. We think the whole operation went just about as smoothly as it could have, and that was due in large part to all of your excellent assistance and advice.

We were worried about “traumatizing” these cats, who had set up a very happy lifestyle for themselves at our place. At the same time we knew, of course, that we had to deal with the situation in a way that wouldn’t result in us feeding two dozen ferals in a year. It appears, though, that everyone has gotten over the trauma. 🙂

Momma Cat was the last to come around; we saw her again for the first time this morning (eight days after her release last week) so I guess she let us know in no uncertain terms that she was upset with us; she’s also apparently forgiven us, because Tom says she’s been hanging out in all of her old haunts today.

Both “outdoor siblings” bounced back right away; we see them almost every day and they’re doing just fine. Ashley is doing great and has fully taken on the role of “household diva.” Perhaps we should have named her Velcro or Love Sponge; for a cat we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to socialize, she has turned into a little lover. She loves being cuddled, petted and even brushed! She likes catnip mice (which we are learning to fish out from under our loveseat, where they all seem to end up) and the laser dot toy; other than that, she is not interested in a whole lot of toys; she is very interested in stretching out and sleeping a lot (like any cat, I’m sure.) She had virtually no pain that we could see from her declaw; she never acted like she hurt, and she’s let us handle her paws right from the start.

Anyway, thanks again — SO much — for the help of everyone at Purrsonal; we really appreciate all of it.

— Carla L.

I started to take my best friend and love of my life, Midnight, to Dr. Kramer and staff when he was 2 years old.

They helped me nurse Midnight through many illnesses – bad kidneys, bad thyroid, diabetes, and many other issues. They showed me how to give him insulin at home, and later in life, how to give fluids.

Over the next 18 years Dr. Kramer, Amy, Amanda, Rene, Kirby and Kristen supported not only Midnight, but myself with the best and most loving care anyone could ask for.

In January of this year, at the age of 20, I had to make a very hard decision to put Midnight to sleep. He had been in pain for a long time. Dr. Kramer and Amanda took time out of their busy lives on a Sunday to help Midnight into his peaceful sleep.

I can never say thank you enough for everything.

— Kathy P.

I have been taking my kitties to see Dr. Julie Kramer for over 6 years, maybe longer, I’ve lost track! Dr. Julie and the nurses there are all cat lovers and owners and they really make efforts to know you and your cat. When Oliver, my 19-year-old cat passed due to kidney failure, Julie did everything she could to save him and then to make sure he was comfortable. When it was time to make the hard decision, Julie called me from on the road as I think it was the same day that she was leaving for vacation. She wasn’t there, but assured me that Amanda, who was there in her absence would take good care of us. Amanda had me come on a Saturday after the vet clinic was closed so that I could truly be alone and not feel rushed or embarrassed. That meant a lot to me. They did a wonderful job ensuring a beautiful cremation package through the pet cremation/funeral home in town. They even sent me a handwritten condolences card signed by all of them a few days later with a picture of a cat laying in the sun that looked just like my Oliver. I still have it.

I like that I can take my cats to a cat-only vet and all the girls are so nice when I call everyday when one of my cats is hospitalized. They are also great at sending out reminders for when its time for shots and checkups, and they call with a confirmation reminder a day before your appointment.

Julie has made house calls to see Cleo for yearly checkups as Cleo has meltdowns at the vet office. Its a little extra, but worth it and I’m glad that she provides this option.

Best of all, if you need to board your animals, they have lush kitty suites and cameras in each one including the main kennel area, and you can actually check in on your cats online when you’re away or when they are hospitalized!

They also accept CareCredit! With this, I will always be able to afford to get my cats the best care possible!

I recommend this place to all cat owners who want exceptional, personalized care!

– Cassie Y.

I have been taking my cats to Purr-Sonal Care Cat Clinic for over 15 years. The service is consistently outstanding and the facility is always clean and inviting. Even more important than all of that, they take care of my babies as if they were their own. Over the years, I have had to make a couple of really difficult decisions about treatment for my cats. They have always been candid about the possible outcomes and quality of life for each of my cats. The staff shows a high level of empathy and support in every situation we have faced, putting the care of my felines above everything else. If you love your furry friend, there isn’t a better place to entrust with their care!

– Heather M.